It all started in West Covina ...

That's the city east of Los Angeles, California, where Faith Community Church was established in 1980. It became a large and vibrant congregation, and is still growing.

In 1986, a group led by Jerry Butler decided to establish a sister church farther east in San Bernardino County. The result was Faith Community of the Inland Empire. At this time Bob Bradley was Director of Pastoral Care at the West Covina church. The new church thrived in Upland for about a year, and then moved to Ontario, at which time Bob was called to be the Senior Pastor.

In 1999, the church enhanced its home group program by going to a cell church configuration. The weekly cell group meetings strengthened the church, but at best only about 40% of the congregation attended cell group.

In the meantime, Bob had been studying the house church movement. He became convinced that house churches provide an optimum environment for nurturing spiritual maturity and for touching unchurched people. Concurrently, there was a growing conviction among the eldership that something more was needed in the life and ministry of our church.

Events came to a dramatic head in the fall of 2003, when the church’s landlord announced her intention to sell the building, rather than renew our lease. Bob presented his convictions about the house church movement to the leadership, and after much prayerful discussion, the elders decided to restructure the church in a house church format.

After months of teaching house church principles, our new format was launched in March 2004. Understandably, many of our members found the prospect of such a radical change uncomfortable, and elected not to join us. Loving contacts and mutual respect have prevailed between those who stayed and those who left.

For those who decided to give the new approach a try, the subsequent years have been an adventure, filled with challenge and promise. Numbers of our people can point to personal and spiritual growth that has been greatly enhanced through participation in our house churches. As the group moves forward, along with the house-church movement worldwide, the prospects for more growth — individually and corporately — are encouraging.

Come, journey with us.

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