What are the meetings like?

There are several components to a house church meeting that probably need to occur with a fair degree of regularity. These are:

  1. Sharing needs and praying for one another
  2. Worship
  3. Sharing a meal or snack
  4. Interactive study of the Word
  5. Sharing the Lordís Supper, usually in conjunction with a meal
  6. Prayer for needs outside the group
  7. Opportunity for the expression of spiritual gifts (prophecy, exhortation, tongues and interpretation, etc.).

Each house church determines its own agenda for each meeting. A rather typical meeting would start with a time of social interaction, a snack or meal, worship, ministry to one another, study of the Word, and further social interaction and prayer.

Worship may led by a worship leader, or may emerge spontaneously with no leader at all. On occasion, the meeting may be given over almost entirely to prayer and ministry.

The Bible study may be coordinated by one person, but it isn't a sermon. The best study is one in which everyone participates, and everyone is self-disclosing and personalizes the truth. Each house church determines which book of the Bible will be the focus of its study.

The day, time and location of the meeting are also determined by each house church. Some groups meet most of the time at one location; others change their meeting place monthly. As noted above, we periodically get the groups together for a celebration service in one of our larger homes. The meeting format is similar to a regular weekly meeting.

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