What Is Prayer?

by Linda Graham

Prayer is simply defined as talking with God. Wondrously, seminary degrees or years of sacrificial church service do not qualify or disqualify us for the privilege of praying to God. All you need is a humble heart ready to listen and dialogue with the Lord. Effective petitioning to God requires me to believe that HE IS and that He does answer MY prayers. It was through the salvation prayer that we obtained the grace to enter into His glorious presence, and this grace enables us to confidently touch Him with prayer.

If we subscribe to the doctrine of the Trinity, then we are dealing with three unique but equal Persons. As we address one, the others hear and answer as well. Our words may vary with each of their Names but they are jointly willing and able to answer our intercession.

The best prayers are simple, heartfelt ones in the privacy of our prayer “closet.” We are alone WITH God. This private intercession widens to corporate prayer. “If two or three are gathered in My Name...” The first arena is critical to the second.

As our prayer life deepens we engage all of our soul, body, mind and emotions. We may be so distressed that we can only utter Jesus’ Name. At other times, an awesome tidal wave of intercession flows.

Sometimes it may be difficult to initiate intercession. The key to combating this is true worship, which allows the Lord His rightful place in our lives and lifts us to a new level of understanding God's character. This spiritual stimulus enables us to persevere during the hard times of intercession.

The first prayer session recorded in the Bible is in Genesis 4:26 26: “And as for Seth, to him also a son was born; and he named him Enosh. Then men began to call on the name of the LORD.” It seems that more than a child was born. People who believed God began to call on His Name. May we be faithful to do the same.

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