Warriors in Christ
Two warriors in Christ

The Prison Ministry of Faith Community has been reaching out to prisoners for over two decades. We visit a number of California institutions periodically, and provide Bibles and other materials to those who want to deepen their faith.

It’s a demanding ministry, but rewarding too.

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We believe in nurturing believers to maturity in Christ—no matter how old they are or what their background.

That often leads to deep, meaningful interchanges, such as this correspondence between an incarcerated believer and one of our team members. As you'll see, these are committed disciples who take their faith very seriously!

It’s all about doing what Jesus said—visiting those who are in prison and taking care of "the least of these".

Visit our Warriors' Gallery of changed lives!

We recognize that society may have forgotten about these men, but God has not.

And neither have we.

Want to join us? Send us an email. We’ll get you started.

The Faith Community Prison Ministry Team
(888) 653–1933